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ProSportsPix Testimonials

We are pleased to share some of the many positive comments we receive from our customers!




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This artwork is absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much!!!

— Lisa from Banta, California

I love the artwork. It is great! We have so enjoyed the artwork you have done for us in the past. You always do such a great job! Thank you so much.

— Linda from Central Point, Oregon

Thank you so much for the wonderful service! I gave the photo to my friend for Christmas in time before she left to visit relatives and she was ecstatic! Thank you again!

— Susan from Grass Valley, California

The poster is awesome! It really looks like a painting.

— Bert from Pleasant Hill, California

Lady's artwork is beautiful!! Thank you so much for getting it done quickly!

— Linda from Penn Valley, California

The poster of my daughter (California Drill Team rider) is gorgeous!!!!

— Christine from Galt, California

My Draft Horse Classic poster is beautiful! I really love it! Please enter it in the art competition for th2 2011 Classic!

— Dana from Upper Lake, California

The Draft Horse Classic photos are amazing!

— Paulette from Penn Valley, California

I LOVE my poster! It is so awesome! I have it up on the wall and it is so beautiful! You take wonderful photos! Thank you!

— Meghan from Santa Margarita, California

Thank you so much for taking such beautiful pictures at the Pac West barrel races. I truly enjoy looking at the beautiful artwork hanging on my walls. It's so wonderful to have the memories of the barrel races! Thank you for all of your hard work!

— Courtney from Oakdale, California

I LOVE my poster! Thank you so much!

— Lacey from Napa, California

I received my poster and photos. The poster is awesome! I love it. Thanks so much.

— Kim from Brownsville, California

The artwork is great. Thanks so much. As always, you do a terrific job.

— Phyllis from Fernley, Nevada

Your work is fantastic!

— Gretchen from Petaluma, California

I ordered two posters from you from a barrel race in Santa Rosa. They are beautiful and I have them displayed on my walls. They get more awwws and ooos then I imagined. Both of those horses are very very special to me.

I was in King City at the Pac West Pirates Treasure Trove and there we were in your samples and banner. I could not believe it. How cool was that, and then we were also on your brochure. That kept a smile on my face all weekend.

— Jené from Hollister, California

Wow, the poster looks amazing. Thank you so much!

— Brenda from Grass Valley, California

i am in Topeka, Kansas at a barrel bash and have been showing everyone the poster that you sent me and they LOVE it!!!! It is soooo awesome. I wish you could come closer to us so more of my friends could have some of your work!!!

— Tracy from Nevada, Missouri

Thank you for the Email then the phone call that my photos were online for viewing. I was at a barrel race in Glen Rose when you called and my girlfriend, who was also at the Pac West Barrel Race, called just a few minutes after you did and said you got 11 shots of me and my horse, and that some were great.

The pictures were awesome; the angles were great and so many different options; you just had a new way of shooting the photos. I have only been doing this for two years but every barrel race I have attended, the shots are the same at every race. What a fresh approach you have. The pictures are
more affordable and I never seen posters being offered. How great this is!

I look forward to ProSportsPix being at the Pac West Barrel Race in Alvarado, TX. Thanks again!

— Robin from Durant, Oklahoma

Thank you so much for the beautiful posters that you made for me, for my daughter's birthday present. Not only did you come through for me with a last minute request, but it was so obvious after explaining the situation, with my daughter and her love of her old horse and now her new ones, that you really put your heart and sole in to the way you rendered the artwork. It was a very emotional and loving gift and I thank you sooo much for all your extra effort. You went way beyond just making a poster. It was a masterpiece of perfection and beauty!!!!! I can't express enough to you my appreciation. Thank you again!

— Liz from Santa Rosa, California

WOW, what a wonderful surprise of artwork, something like that and so unexpected and so beautiful, brought such joy and tears. You guys are so special and I'm so glad we made your acquaintance. It was so much fun working with you. Your husband took incredible pictures of Jayson and it was so appreciated. He is such a good photographer and the watercolor print is so beautiful. What a picture! I have showed everyone the first posters you did for me and the comments are incredible. I ordered all my frames with your recommendations. They look incredible. I had a framer in town order me UV glass for the posters because the sun does reflect pretty good in Jayson's room. The posters are side by side above his bed and look great. I'm so glad we did that tournament or all of this wouldn't have happened. For me, it was meant to be. I feel so lucky and thankful that I know you guys and I do hope someday we see you again. I share your website with everyone. Thank you again so very much and I'll stay in touch.

— Robyn from Goleta, California

I just looked at the poster! Oh my!!! It is absolutely incredible!!!!!! You really captured who our most valuable player is this year... it made me cry. Thank you so very much! You have a very special gift and I would like to invite you to the award ceremony on Sunday so you can see what an effect it will have on everyone's heart! I am glad I have seen it before Sunday as I would not have been able to contain my emotions if I were viewing it there for the first time. I still don't know if I will be able to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making Christopher feel like part of the NBA!

— Kim, representing Abilities Basketball,
Grass Valley, California

The poster is so perfect - it brought tears to my eyes! The portfolio is wonderful and I can't begin to thank you enough for what it means to me.  I have looked through all of the pictures several times and I love them all!

— Michelle from Rockford, Illinois

The posters are magnificent and are even more incredible in real life to see. My goodness, the work is outstanding and good work sells your stuff. I cannot tell you how much you are valued. Thank you seems so little for the joy you have given my family. I look forward to the shipment. You know at the end of the day, it is when you make a difference in someone's life that you truly are important. You have made a huge difference in my family's life… And getting to know you has been a joyous benefit!

— Cath from Cloverdale, California

Thank you also for your help with our order. It was wonderful talking to you and we look forward to seeing you next year. God has given you a great talent and you use it well.

— Marilyn from Roseburg, Oregon

I received the poster and pictures and I’m overwhelmed! They are so good!!! We were really impressed with the quality. You are just genius! My grandson’s mother was speechless as she gasped and then finally said, “WOW, that is beyond my expectations.”

— Claire from Guerneville, California

Thank you so much. Your artwork has touched so many lives. Your posters are treasures, absolutely, incredibly awesome! They are amazing!!! Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. I am thrilled and excited. The detail is amazing.

— Christine from UC Davis and Lorraine from
Sanger, California