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Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us if you have other questions, or better yet, give us a call at (530) 432-4132.




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How are posters designed?

Poster design is commissioned artwork. This is not an automated process, but rather an artistic process. Many steps are involved, including stripping out the background of the photos selected, choosing a complimentary background for the poster, and then digitally “hand-painting” the poster for a finished and unique look. There is a great deal of time invested in each poster design.

We recommend that you give us feedback about the styles you like in our sample posters section when you place your order. This will help us manage your expectations.

If you want to see a poster prior to committing to buy it, we can arrange a process whereby you pay us $25 an hour for design time and revisions. Contact us for more information about this process.


Do I pay for a poster when I place my order?

Billing information is required when you place your order, however, payment is not processed until we print and ship the poster. When the poster is designed we will send you a jpg preview so you can see what you will be receiving. Many of our customers order reprints when they see the finished product and your order may be modified to include additional copies prior to printing and shipping.

If we do not hear back from you within seven days after we contact you to preview the poster, we will process payment for the first print copy of the poster and we will ship it.

Please visit our Price List section for more information.


How many pictures can I add to a poster?

We accept no more than one image for a poster at our base cost. Each image over one is billable at an additional $20 each. Keep in mind that the more images you select, the busier the poster will be. If you prefer a simple, classic look, limit images to one or two. Be sure to look at all the sample posters on the site and give us input as to the type of posters you prefer. Many of our clients purchase several different posters of their athlete, especially if there are a lot of good images.


How fast can I get a poster?

This depends on our backlog of orders. Posters are designed in priority of date ordered and can ship the next day after completion. If you need the poster by a certain date, be sure to communicate this information when you place your order. If there will be a problem delivering on time, we will let you know.


Can I change images in my poster after I have placed my order?

Yes, if we have not designed the poster. However, once a poster is designed and you have been sent a jpg preview, we cannot easily swap images and the poster must be redesigned. An additional fee will be charged based on the difficulty to accommodate your request.


What is your refund/exchange policy?

There are no refunds or exchanges of photographs or posters once you have purchased them. If you have a concern or if something was damaged in shipping, contact us.


I want my athlete to have a poster that is totally unique. Do you accommodate specific design requests?

Yes. Give us that information when you place an order. If you have a design in mind, try to describe it. You may want to refer us to a professional poster that you like for ideas, or provide information in terms of a color scheme or background. You may also want to leave it to us to design something unique.


Can I provide my own photos for a poster?

Absolutely. We do many posters using our client’s photos if they are high resolution and good quality. In fact, if you are not local to our area, we would have difficulty photographing a sports event. If you did not take the pictures yourself and have purchased them from another professional photographer, you must get permission from the photographer allowing us to use the images. Many photographers let us do this as the resulting posters are for an individual athlete's use and are not used for reproduction or advertising.


Do you do team schedule posters?

Yes. We have done quite a few schedule posters for teams throughout the country. See our Price List for specific information, under the section that is titled "Larger Format Artwork."


Do you print posters or design artwork for sizes other than 16x20?

Yes. Most frequently requested are posters for individual athletes, 30x40 on high gloss. These are BIG posters. We have these produced, laminated and mounted on black PVC. Lamination and mounting keep these large format posters vibrant and scratch free. Out the door, such a poster will be in the range of $240, plus shipping and handling. We can also design artwork in smaller sizes. Contact us for a quote and see our Price List for more information.


How do I care for my posters?

To ensure long lasting vibrancy of your posters, do not hang them in direct sunlight. If you can, purchase UV protected glass when buying frames. See our Buy Frames section for more information.